Monday, August 13, 2007

A farewell

From the outside looking in, banks may seem like massive, impenetrable structures without any of the concerns us mortals face. But like everything in this increasingly interconnected world, they sometimes face their own struggles to survive. Little did I know, when I started this journal, that the bank I worked for would barely outlast my own temporary employment within its grand halls.

ABN AMRO Bank N.V., one of the most internationally recognized Dutch companies, and one of its oldest and biggest banks, is currently set to enter a merger that will see the company effectively disappear - either as a junior partner to Barclays, or broken into pieces and distributed to a consortium composed of the Royal Bank of Scotland, Spain's Santander Bank and the Belgian-Dutch bank Fortis. Either way, the green and yellow shield of ABN AMRO will disappear forever, and many of my former colleagues will be made redundant.

As for me, I stopped keeping this journal because I left Amsterdam and moved abroad. My time as a corporate lackey is over, for now. If you peruse The money tower blues and find anything you like, by all means search out my new online location. Catch me if you can.

Green Ghost

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