Sunday, March 4, 2007

A game of green ghost

Do you believe in ghosts? I don't. But my childhood friends and I would play a game called green ghost, a slightly more sophisticated form of hide-and-seek. The green ghost would hide, and the others would carefully search him out. If the ghost jumped out and caught you, then next round you were a green ghost too. This would continue until one person remained, and they were the winner of the game.

You faced a dilemma with green ghost - play it safe, stay near home base and go for the win? Or venture out and search for the ghost? That's the riskier approach. But it's a game right? So do you play to win or play for fun?

I played for fun, so I searched out the ghost as far as my little neighbourhood could take me. I kept searching for ghosts right through my teens and into my twenties, and I landed in a far corner of the world with a head full of big ideas and a camera slung around my neck to record all I found. And yes, the journey itself was the destination. True words indeed. Oh I was far from home now, Toto. Chasing ghosts became a full-time job.

But life took an unexpected turn and before I knew it, the camera turned into a keyboard and work became a series of hollow office rooms with boring furniture, endless meetings, jargon-laced reports and just words, words, words. I went from Asia to Europe, but that didn't help much. If I can just find a way to recreate some of those childhood games and adventures, maybe I'll be alright. It's just takes a bit of imagination, right?

1 comment:

Shukra said...

Green ghost! green ghost! Run, run, run!

But whereever you go, there you are.

And I miss you. So come back to home base....maybe that is where the real adventure is.